Saturday, September 6, 2014

You never know

Once a Ham always a Ham.  So I am working the night shift so I log onto a Radio in the Netherlands and was nosing around on 20 meters.  I decided to pull up some info on the QRZ page and then record this fellow in Australia using a radio in Europe  then post it to YouTube and then email it to him.   How cool is that!  

John emailed me back....

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the YouTube clip - it's very interesting and I agree, it's an amazing time to be alive. 

Conditions today were outstanding on 20m and I was kept busy for over an hour. I then went up to 17m and 15m, which were also firing well into the early evening here. I hate working the wall of noise which goes with pile ups, but every now and again I do it to keep my nerve! Actually, you captured a rare moment - 99% of my operating is QRP CW - I'm hardly ever on SSB. I'd forgotten how much fun it can be if the band is wide open.  Today I was working with 60W and a portable vertical wire, supported by a fishing pole. It's amazing how far you can throw a signal with a hunk of wire. 

Thanks again Ron and I hope that one day I can meet you on air to say hello in person. 

Hope your night shift went well. 

73 from Hobart,


Saturday, March 29, 2014

A little 10

Fired up the old FT101 yesterday and worked a couple of  CW contacts on 10 meters.  QRZ listed propagation as "fair" but I was hearing lots so I heated up the tubes.   My 14AVQ usually loads with a 2.5 / 1 VSWR around 28.00 MHz but on Friday it was closer to 3.5 / 1.  The antenna still loaded OK so I wasn't overly concerned.     The reason for the change in VSWR was probably the fact the the lower 3-4 feet of the antenna is socked in with wet snow!!!!!

Station log ...

Monday, March 17, 2014

ZL on 20m ..... oh yeah!

Working mods this week so getting prepped meant a l;ate night so I was looking forward to some time on 20 meters.    I was hopking for a VK but settled for a ZL after working a few Russian stations.  

12014-03-1705:18ZL2AIM20m14.053CWRF72vwNew ZealandIan Keith MacQuillanThanks for listening to a tough copy Ian ...really appreciate the QSO. Its been 35 years since I st
22014-03-1704:55UA8WAA20m14.056CWLO84btAsiatic RussiaAlexander IvanovStrong signal
32014-03-1704:27RA9MP20m14.041CWMO64qqAsiatic RussiaYuri Anatolievitch Yashintnx Yuri
42014-03-1704:13UA3KW20m14.027CWKO91nrRussiaVladimir A. Kovalev

Monday, March 3, 2014

10 Meter Morning

-27C outside this morn ,  a good day  to fire up the FT101.    Worked towards Europe on 10 Meters all CW.

12014-03-0315:15E79D10m28.046CWJN93dtBosnia and HerzegoviDALIBOR STANIC
22014-03-0315:10UT5MD10m28.033CWJJ00aaUkraineVLADIMIR FEDORENKOTNX QSO Vlad
32014-03-0315:03RZ3FW10m28.054CWKO95crRussiaSerge G. YanovskyTNX QSO , lost you in QSB Yan.
42014-03-0314:50SM5COP10m28.054CWJO89mgSwedenRUNE WANDEThanks QSO Rune
52014-03-0314:30UA3KW10m28.036CWKO91nrRussiaVladimir A. Kovalev
62014-03-0313:57DJ6OI10m28.069CWJO41tpGermanyThomas Steinmann
72014-03-0313:50UR5EKI10m28.052CWKN78wmUkraineMikhail V. Sachko
82014-03-0313:35RA3D10m28.029CWKO95ftRussiaOleg A. Zhabin

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some time on HF

Set aside a few hours to work 10 meters around sunset the other night ....

12014-02-2523:55FG5FR10m28.039CWFK96efFranceC. FRANTZ SELBONNE
22014-02-2523:42CE6GRA10m28.032CWJJ00aaChileWinfried GrafGreat CW contact , very solid. Thanks for the QSO Win.
32014-02-2523:28CO6HLP10m28.477SSBFL02ajCubaHector Luis Perez Rodriguez
42014-02-2523:11W7AYN10m28.053CWDM43biUnited StatesROBERT H GATES
52014-02-2522:59PY2SBY10m28.537SSBGG66rkBrazilElvis Guimaraes
62014-02-2522:53ZZ8ØSP10m28.542SSBJJ00aaBrazilLABRE Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rádio Emissão
72014-02-2522:42CO6LC10m28.461SSBFL02ajCubaOrelvis Cuba