Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some time on HF

Set aside a few hours to work 10 meters around sunset the other night ....

12014-02-2523:55FG5FR10m28.039CWFK96efFranceC. FRANTZ SELBONNE
22014-02-2523:42CE6GRA10m28.032CWJJ00aaChileWinfried GrafGreat CW contact , very solid. Thanks for the QSO Win.
32014-02-2523:28CO6HLP10m28.477SSBFL02ajCubaHector Luis Perez Rodriguez
42014-02-2523:11W7AYN10m28.053CWDM43biUnited StatesROBERT H GATES
52014-02-2522:59PY2SBY10m28.537SSBGG66rkBrazilElvis Guimaraes
62014-02-2522:53ZZ8ØSP10m28.542SSBJJ00aaBrazilLABRE Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rádio Emissão
72014-02-2522:42CO6LC10m28.461SSBFL02ajCubaOrelvis Cuba

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The one day I fire up the HF Rig

Go figure the one day I have a wee bit of time this happens....

I found it quite interesting on 10m .... noise was through the roof and I wasn't hearing much. Shot this video around 2pm!

1 hour and 20 minutes after Sunset the noise was gone....