Monday, March 28, 2016

CQ SSB Contest + Log Book Update

I am not big on SSB but the CQ SSB contest combined with some pretty good conditions made for allot of fun.    Fri eve before it started at 00:00 gmt work a bunch of stations " getting ready".  There is quite the excitement and energy leading up to the start of the event.    Saturday mornign into the afternoon I worked mostly 15m.  Signal were really good and most of the time the "59" was really a "59"...for the most part if I could hear it I could work it.   Sunday the  conditions were not as good but still worked a little on 15m and even some on 20m.    Condtiosn were not great and I really could have used another 6-9 db on the TX side of things.    I have 3 antennas to choose from on 20m ,  the 14avq,  1/4 GP and 5/8 GP.    Forget about the 5/8 its coming down in the spring and and I think I will replace it with a fan dipole.  The 14avq is OK but loads not so good.  The TS520s antenna tuner doesn't work so well on 20m so I need a decent antenna.   The 1/4 GP on 20m works OK and loads with a 1.5 - 1.6 VSWR avoiding the antenna tuner.    I was going to fire up the old FT101 for 20 meters not nearly as finicky to load up and a db or 2 more in power bit I decided to head out for a run instead!  

Log book update...its a biggy!

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