Friday, May 20, 2016

Antenna season is here ... I have a plan!

 I have been gathering stuff for some upcoming antenna projects and have been doing lots of reading and have a plan!  

Phase A ... top of hill

   Over the past couple of days I have installed another RCS4 Antenna Switcher at the top of my hill.   Currently there is a 14avq feed by 500 ft of mostly heliax.....very low loss!    The 14 avq continues to perform very well on 40, 20 and 15 meters often outperforming my 40 and 20 m 1/4 GPs.    So I now have 3 antennas to build at the top of the hill....

1 ) Fan Dipole 40, 30, 17, 10 and 6 meters.    Should be up high enough for a low throw on 40m...other bands are no problem height wise.    6 mertes is a first and the 10 meter is a 14avq replacement for some reason 10 on the avq sucks.

2)   80m 1/4 GP with 8 radials to start.   I currently have a skywarmer in the form of a 80m dipole too too low to the ground!   Once the 80m vert is up the dipole will be trashed.

3)   30m 1/4 GP the same as what I have next to the house.   This will be my height advantage test ....nearly 100ft more in elevation.  

4)  Wouldn't mind trying some "tuned radials on the 14 avq ... I know I can do better with the ground plane.  

Phase B... just behind house

 1)  Last summer I built a 20m 5/8 that didn't cut it so its going to be scrapped.   In its place a 160m 1/4 GP with 8 radials.

2)  Going to re-purpose the 8 radials from the 20m 5/8 and add them to the 20m 1/4 gp for a total of 16 radials.  

Phase C ....  at the house

1 ) Don't have anything for 2m so I have a spare 5/8 I am going to mount in place of  the KA Sat Dish.  Primarily to monitor a couple of local FM Repeaters and 52 when in the shack.  

 I am sure I will come up with a few other plans however the above will probably take me into the fall.  What I will end up with is a new capability on the 1.8 and 3.5 MHz!  

 Antennas I will end up with ......

2 Meters-  5/8 Vert
6 Meters -   High Dipole
10 Meters -  14avq very ( so so ) and Dipole
15 Meters - 14avq very good results with this antenna on this band
17 Meters - 1/4 GP Vert very good reults with this antenna dead flat 1:1 VSWR and Dipole
20 Meters - 14avq Vertical,  1/4 GP Vert  jurys out on theses two ... both performers!
30 Meters - Dipole and 1/4 GP Vert very good reults with this antenna dead flat 1:1 VSWR
40 Meters - 14avq ,  1/4 GP Vert and Dipole
80 Meters - 1/4 GP Vert
160 Meters - 1/4 GP Vert

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