Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Memorable QSO

Worked  GM0LVI on 20m this afternoon.   Super low signals both directions but 2 ops that were determined to make it work.   Dave emailed me and I was super happy to get the details as he was running 10 watts into a quad.  Also super happy that I made it when band conditions were not the greatest.  Used the 5/8 Vert to get through ...  this antennas a keeper!  

Email exchange ...

Dave Warburton 

3:39 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Hi Ron!
Just a short note of thanks for the contact, albeit marginal, this afternoon/evening. Conditions were pretty poor and I was very pleased to make the trip with my 10 Watts, I usually run 5 but went 'QRO' with the KX3 as I reckoned I'd have no chance with 5 Watts. Antenna was a 2 element quad though quite low as mast wasn't elevated.
Your signal was 219 to 319 and when it came up wasn't too difficult copy, but QSB was taking you down much of the time. You did pretty well to make contact as the band sounded almost dead over here!
Hope to catch you again before too long.
73, Dave - GM0LVI

Ron Irwin 

5:10 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Dave
Thanks for the email Dave.  

I super love working signals that are barely detectable.   There was QRM and QSB but I was able to adjust my notch filter and the IF Shift and copied about 80%.    Without QSB it was a solid 519!   

I was running 100 Watts into a 5/8 Vertical.    Antenna details can be found on my radio blog if your interested... .   

Hope to cross paths again sometime. 

73's, Ron - VE3LDP 

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