Friday, October 27, 2017


Yeah ,  I am now one of those guys.  Hey who doesn't love a mode where you can hit the " CQ Button" ,  go grab a cold beer and when you return wella ,   a QSO to log!   

Was messing with the FT8 mode @ 10w on 40m for a couple of hours after midnight today. Each of the dots represents a country I was hear in during that time! 

Picked up an FT850 and a Sound Link just to put together something that was CAT,  an easy way to interface to the PC for the PSK modes as well as soemthing that I could easily access over the Internet if I choose to do so.   Originally I was thinking a Linear but decided that I would get more enjoyment out to the new rig and digital modes!    Maybe next year I will go QRO! 

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