Sunday, April 15, 2018

Go Figure!

A while back I found that my 160m Vertical  ( inverted L ) at the top of the hill would tune up just fine on 6m and that extra 75' in elevation over the 6m dipole sure made a difference locally.   I have doing FT8 remotely using "Team Viewer" and was working 160m.   Thought I would tune to 6m  to  do a little MSK144 listening.   I thought wouldn't it be great to see what other bands the 160m Antenna would tune up to and to my surprise the FT-450d ATU loaded it up on  , 40m, 30m, 20m,  10m and of course 6m.    On 20m it had a 2:1 VSWR without the tuner!   

Now for the money shot .... how well would it work compared to the dedicated 1/4 on 20m.   

A couple of things to note .... both antennas are 1/4 Wave with 8 tuned radials.   The 160m antenna site on top of the hill 500' from the shack ( fed with LDF4 ).  The 20m  antenna is just up behind the house 150' ( fed with RG214 ) BUT its about 75' lower in elevation!  

Well as it turns out I get better performance from the 160m antenna. The Red Dots are the 160m antenna and  the Blue dot is the 20m antenna the Green Dots are both antennas received.   

I am using 2 WSPRlites running 200mw one IMI and the other LDP.  

Here are the simultaneous spots.....

and the #s....

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