Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ARRL DX CW Contest Weekend +

Looked forward to working a bunch of DX over the ARRL DX Weekend.   I wasn't competing just picking up some DX contacts and helping those participating out.  Did not fire up the rig until the second day f the contest but had a blast.   Started off on 15m then went to 10m then back to 15m again.  

After the contest I worked 3XY1T first on 20m SSB working a big pile up.   Used the 14AVQ vs the 1/4 GP Vert.  It took at least 30 minutes to get through.   Also worked 3XY1T on 30m CW ... only took  2 calls before I got through a huge difference from the 20m SSB pile up ....sure like CW.  

Today I worked 9Q6AL Congp CW ... there was a  pile up and a 5Khz split but I got though ... again thanks CW.  

Last but not least worked CO8LY for the 9th time.   He was calling CQ S9+ on 15m CW so I cranked it down to under 10 watts and got a 599.

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