Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Log Book Update

Been busy ... will make 2 log book updates.

The Japanese 17 meter contacts were noteworthy.   Feb 8th I made my 3rd contact with JF1IRW previously worked on 17m cw Oct 5, 2015 and Jan 25, 2016.   Ironically enough  the 3 contacts were the only contacts I have made in with Japan since I started back at the radio this past Summer.   When you think of how many ha,s there are in Japan and Canada and the fact that I made three consecutive contacts with the same operator on the same band around the same time of day is pretty amazing.  Obviously Takhikeo JF1IRW have the same operating habitats.

 Another noteworthy contact was JR7TKG Feb 10.   It was interesting becuse it was SSB and I worked a pretty big pile up getting a and giving a solid 55.  The OP Sasaki said that I was " a rare contact" ... very cool.

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