Sunday, April 24, 2016

More 160m thoughts ...

After looking at what a dipole will do on 160m I quickly came to the conclusion that the Vertical is what I need to put together.   First article I Googled ....

Which is the Best 160m Antenna ?

Topband antenna survey by ON4UNIn a nutshell: vertically-polarized antenna for transmitting, using separate antennas for receiving.

Per W8JI on

"Nearly all especially successful stations on 160 use a vertically polarized antenna of some type for transmitting. That's just a fact."
"The fact is....... an Inverted L with 20 or more radials at least 50 feet and hopefully 100 feet long will absolutely smoke any normal height loop antenna or dipole antenna at nearly any distance on 160 meters. The possible exception is between 20 and 200 miles."

"I have a full size 160 dipole at 300 feet, and it is never really much better than a 1/4 wave vertical at any distance in any direction. As a matter of fact, the dipole is 10-20 dB weaker than the vertical off the dipole ends. The dipole only beats the vertical broadside to the dipole, and then only rarely!! And this is with the dipole 300 feet above ground."

"As a matter of fact a low full wave loop has no gain, any horizontal wire has increased earth induced loss as it is made longer when close to earth."

Full article here .... and a good link to the Beverage Antenna for RX

The Antenna I am going to build is an Inverted L like the one below but the horizontal part will be more vertical then horizontal!   Different 160m Antennas here ....

This is interesting I had no idea at all and hope this statement is true ....

 The “L” works good because a quarter wave antenna only radiates from the bottom 20%, the rest is only there for “loading” purposes, so as long as it's there, somewhere, it'll work fine. So, that means the “L” should begin to function as a Marconi with a height as little as 25 feet, with some skewing to the pattern. But, like I said, the higher the better.

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