Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First WSPR test of the " Antenna Season "

WSPRing on 20m

VE3LDP 100 mw  1/4 Vertical with 8 radials.  
CG3LDP 100 mw Hygain 14avq some radials.  

CG3LDP is at the top of my hill about 60ft higher then VE3LDP.  CG3LDP has clear LOS 360 degrees.  The old Hygain 14avq trap vertical has a series of radial ,  not any particular length.   Using a WSPR light powered by the Sotabeams DC to DC converter connected to a12V Lead Acid Car Battery.  

VE3LDP is just up behind the house.   The 1/4 Wave GP has a series of 8 tuned radials.  There is clear LOS from about 180 to 360 degrees .    The hill slopes away to the West favouring VK land.   To the east the hill rises a 60ft at around 90 deg the elevation angle is about 20 degreees and at about 30 degreees the elevation angle rises to about 30 degrees. 
I suspect that CG3LDP will favor Europe and VE3LDP will favor VK land.  This is the first " Antenna Test " using my WSPRlite's.   

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