Wednesday, May 10, 2017


 I am TXing a 1 Watt WSPR into a 1/4 Vertical with 8 Radials.  CF3UAL is in my Grid Square TXing a  0.5 Watt WSPR.  I don't know what antenna he is using so there is some unknowns when it comes  to comparing the results.

 My Antenna's Radials are tilted up towards the ENE and down towards the WSW.      With a more or less perfect ground plane the 1/4 Vertical has about a 30 deg throw.    There is no doubt that towards Europe I am somewhat above 30 deg in elevation and towards Australia I am somewhat below 30 deg.    I built the 80m Vert at the top of the hill to have a ground plane that went down towards the , E , W and S but is level towards the N.   The 80m antenna works really well getting to Europe!  

I would put all my antennas up the top of the hill but three is one little problem ,  its a 500' run on coax!   I am currently using LDF4 which has almost Zero loss at HF.

So here it is ..." Simultaneous Spots"  from 6:30 pm est until 12:30 am est.   Sunset was at 8:41 pm est.     Basically propagation is open East......

Spots: VE3LDP vs CF3UAL - 7 MHz

As you can see CF3UAL is 3.6 db higher towards Europe the I am.  Based on the reported power it should be the other way around.

Sunrise this morning was at 06:02 am est.   The chart below is from about 01:30 until 07:30 est time.

Spots: VE3LDP vs CF3UAL - 7 MHz

With propagation open towards the West I am 4.5 db higher then CF3UAL.     

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