Sunday, May 21, 2017

QRO - 1 Watt WSPR on 40m

Just took down the 1 Watt 40m WSPR into a 1/4 Vertical with 8 Radials.    I had been up for  a couple of weeks now and have learned a few things mainly that the Antenna performs better in the W SW direction vs the E NE direction.  The Antenna's Ground Plane is tiled so towards the South Pacific the throw angle is lower then the theoretical 30 degrees  and towards Europe it elevated.     So I would like to build the same antenna on the opposite side of the hill favoring Europe!     There is just one tiny little problem its about 600 ft from the Ham Shack.     I do however have a solution and its called " LDF4"   I have a ton of it that was discarded from where I work the only problem is that its in 200 ft chunks but again I have a plan!   Connectors are expensive and ackward but I have a plan to splice the cables together .... again I have a plan!

So here are the results on 40m for the past 2 weeks.....

Top 10 ....

There were 481 unique spots ...

I was comparing my WSPR to a local ham VA3UAL.    He was running 3 db less then me at 500 mw and I have no idea what Antenna he is using but he had better SNR into Europe and I had better SNR into the American SW and the South Pacific ....this more or less proved my suspicion about the hill!

Sotabeams recently added a new feature  that allowed some pretty good comparisons.   This will be particularly good when I am comparing 2 antennas at my QTH.

CF3UAL performs 0.43 db better  then I do overall.    UAL get to Europe better then me and I get towards the South Pacific better then him!   When propagation is open to Europe the number grows to oa 4 db difference in favour of UAL and when its open towards the W SW I do about 4 db better the UAL!

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