Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Operating 160 Meters

First spot of the " Night " 15 min before local Sunset

Had my first CW QSO on 160m last night

Spent the afternoon on the hill tweaking the big antenna.   I wasn't happy with how the vertical element was routed through the tree so I rerouted the support rope.    Also laid down all the radials using rocks  and branches ... don't want the Deer tripping on the wires!     After the work I was pleased to see that the VSWR dropped a bit ,  not 1.2:1 at 1.8 MHz and below 1.5:1 all the way to 1.9 MHz and down to 1.7 MHz.  I will probably take a foot or so off the radiator to slide the optimum VSWR up 500 KHz.   

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