Friday, September 29, 2017

40 meter 1/4 Vertical

Friday I threw together another antenna a 40m 1/4 Vertical with 8 Radials.    This is more or less the same antenna that is just up behind the house except its at the apex of a hill with more or less clear LOS 360 deg and is close to 75' higher in elevation than the existing one just up behind the house.  The existing antenna only has good LOS from 170 through 350 degrees and has a GP tilted towards the West.

Initial VSWR

6.8 MHz  1.5:1
6.9 MHz  1.5:1
7.0 MHz     1:1
7.1 MHz     1:1
7.2 MHz  1.3:1
7.3 MHz  1.3:1

Seems a wee bit broadband but I will be super happy with it if it performs.   Time to WSPR away! 

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