Monday, February 20, 2017

20m results +

Looking at the comparison to VA3UAL also in my grid square and comparing my own results I have come to the conclusion that the 20m 1/4 Vertical with 8 radials is outperforming my 20m 5/8 Vertical with 8 radials.   I have always been suspicious that the 5/8's T Match was absorbing some of the RF that should otherwise make it to the antenna.    Regardless the 5/8 is not worth keeping!    I was surprised at just how well the 1/4 vertical performed!

What else did I learn ...

The big hill that runs in a N NE to S SW direction  is having an impact in my launch angle of the verticals.     It slightly impedes my performance towards Europe 50 degrees  and slightly enhances the performance towards Australia 265 degrees .  The radials towards Europe increase in height as they extend out from the antenna and the radials towards Australia  decrease in height.   I suspect the overall affect is a take off angle lower then 30 degrees towards Australia and a take off angle higher then 30 degrees towards Europe.   But then again I could be totally full of BS and don't have a clue what I am thinking about..LOL.  Regardless its a ton of fun using the WSPR mode to determine the effectiveness of the antenna.

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