Saturday, February 11, 2017

40m WSPR overnight.

Using the WSPRlite on 40m @ 200mw  into my 1/4 wave ground mounted vertical with 8 radials.   The results for the past 15 hours are quite impressive...

The VK6XT was just made at 13:06 gmt he decoded me at -28 dbm the limit for this mode!   On an interesting note local sunrise was at 12:29 gmt today.

VK6XT RX during this time .... I was one of 5 stations heard from North America and the only Canadian station heard.  VK6XT is heard by allot more stations then he receives .   Checked and it looks like he is running 5 Watts which is +37 dbm which is 14 db higher them my 200mw tx.  This explains why he is heard way more then he hears.    

There is another ham in my grid square VE3UAL.  He is running 4 db higher in power but I have no idea what Antenna he is using.  Here is a comparison to him over the past hour...

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