Friday, February 24, 2017

20m to VK land and Europe on band opening this morning.

 Still WSPRing on 20m @  200 mw into the ground mounted 20m Vertical with 8 Radials.

The VK contact this morning was the third time my beacon was heard when the band opened up this morning .....

2017-02-24 12:4014.097058VK3WHOQF22rl-270.216091265
2017-02-24 12:3614.097069W4MOEL86-100.22010186
2017-02-24 12:2614.097069W4MOEL86-150.22010186

I strongly suspect that  VK3WHO  was receiving me long path.   Sunset here last night was 23:054 gmt and 12:07 gmt.   The last time my beacon was heard on 20m overnight was at 01:58 gmt just a little over 3 hours after Sunset then the next time I was heard was 12:26 gmt to minutes after Sunrise.
VK3WHOs Sunset is at 09:04 gmt and he heard me at 12:40 gmt that 3 hours 36 minutes after Sunset.  Being that I have almost Zero propagation a few hours after Sunset until the Sun rises I think its fairly safe to assume that the propagation occurred on the Sunny side of the earth but then again maybe I am wrong!

I have been comparing results with VE3ZLB running the same power into a Vertical.  He favors Europe and I favor VK land!

The antenna I use is on the side of a hill and towards Europe the radial go up and towards Australia the radials go down.   The longer I beacon the more I believe that the through angle towards Europe is greater then 30 deg and towards Australia its lower then 30 degrees.  I am begging to wonder about exaggerating the tilt to get the angle even greater then it currently is!

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